To empower youth in the UAE to become leaders in the field of climate change, the COP28 Youth Climate Champion, in collaboration with the COP28 UAE Presidency and the Ministry of Culture and Youth in the UAE, is pleased to launch the first cohort of the UAE Youth Climate Delegates Program.


  • Bringing youth from within the UAE to the forefront of international climate decision-making.
  • Building the skills and capabilities of UAE youth through capacity building and opportunities, empowering them to enhance their climate action and advocacy.
  • Embedding UAE youth leaders within the COP28 negotiations and other key domestic and international climate forums over the year.
  • Gathering youth perspectives from across the UAE to integrate them into COP28 and ensure learnings are disseminated back to youth communities across the nation.
  • Raising awareness of climate change impacts and climate action initiatives among UAE youth.

Lindani Zungu
Climate and Sustainability Activist
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Hoor Ahli
Environmental Advocate
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Mohamed Eissa
Environmental Advocate
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Karishma Asarpota
Sustainable Energy Officer at ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability
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Malak Abdullah
Sustainability Associate
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Gheed Abdul Jabbar
Decarbonization and Sustainability Consultant
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Kenza El Gamra
Environmental Researcher
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Manal Nadeem
Director of Research at the Higher Education Climate Dialogues
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Latefa Almansoori
Environmental Assessment Specialist at the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi
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